The object was included in the State Register of monuments of local importance by the decision of Lviv executive committee №280 on21 May 1991 and was given a protective №1749-m (address:  4 Zolota Street). The monument belongs to the communal and private property.

The house is on the corner of Zolota Street and Armenian Street. A two-storey building with ground floor being used for trading and  the first one being  used for housing. Openings of the ground floor (except the gate) are modified; frame and filling are lost. Openings of the first floor are  framed with sill cornice. Balcony along the length of the first floor is arranged under three of the five facade windows facing Zolota street. The facade of Armenian street  side is completely deprived of decoration.The house isrectangular in the plan, elongated along Armenian street. There is a  gable roof.

The monument is one of the samples of the  late classicism.