Учасники семінару-тренінгу «Ревіталізація історико-культурної спадщини: практичний досвід, участь громади, пошук ресурсів»

Brody – the town with rich history and interesting monuments, important historic landmarks, famous figures; the town known around the world. Brody has great historical and cultural potential which, unfortunately,isn’t used to date. Moreover, the most terrible condition of architectural monuments is a problem, and sometimes even a threat to the people in the ancient part of the town.

The aim was to find ways to use this large and invaluable heritage for the benefit of the community.So,the organization “Krai” with the support of the Brody  museum of country studies took part in the international project “CHOICE – Cultural Heritage: Opportunities for Improving Civic Engagement.”

Лекторій просто неба «Міський оборонний вал: минуле і майбутнє»

Project «CHOICE» takes place in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Armenia within the framework of the Eastern Partnership and is  supported by the European Union.The grant-maintainer and the major partner is the Association of Local Democracy Agencies ALDA (France). Consulting, information support to participants in Ukraine are provided by the Center for Cultural Management ( Lviv). The project examines the cultural heritage as a resource for the development and strengthening of modern Ukrainian identity and European civilization choice of Ukraine. The initiators of the project support innovative approaches and relevant civic initiatives that include heritage in contemporary cultural life of Ukrainian society.

Учасники та організатори квесту

Project NGO “KRAI” – “The community and multicultural heritage of Brody: potential interaction perspective” is aimed at enhancing the community in preserving the historical heritage of multicultural Brody. Using advanced visualization, cultural and educational activities  project proponents seek to present the town as polycultural heritage within the community and outside (for tourists, scientists, potential investors and others.). The project also is aimed  to attract a greater number of active members of the community for working out proposals for urban development in the field of preservation and use of historical and cultural heritage.

Welcome to cooperate with all care, social activists and NGOs. We make our town better!